Saturday, December 27, 2014

California Thanksgiving, Days 4, 5, and 6

Everyone was pretty beat after Disneyland, so we slept in.

And relaxed a bit.

Then it was the moment we had all been waiting for---the beach! Norah remembers the beach as a cold and wet place where you cannot get into the water (ie, Northern California) and Louis had no clue.  A fifteen minute drive from GG's place is one of the nicest beaches in the area.

It was love at first sight for these two.  I figured they would be giant chickens (cold water, big waves) but all they wanted was IN the ocean.  I was ill prepared and did not bring swimsuits or a change of clothes, so within about an hour BVZ had to buy towels at a shop across the street.

Lou played this game for hours where he scooped up a shovel full of sand and then hurled it in the water while running to beat the tide, squealing with delight the entire time.

He is passed out in the car seat, totally naked.

We collected Aunt Vanessa from the train station that evening and went to dinner.  I am not sure Norah left her side from that moment forward.

The next day was VZ Christmas, so the kids spent the morning playing jail in GG's garden.  Because that's what they do.

Fake Christmas requires festive hats.

As always, GG and Auntie V came through with generous and thoughtful gifts for all.

Including beer mitts.

And a SF 49'ers snuggly.

Lou got a Star Wars x-wing fighter that he sleeps with every night.

At the kids' request we went back to the beach.  This time with swim suits and dry sets of clothes.

After an afternoon in the water, ice cream was in order.

And a run on the beach side play scape.

That evening, we had excellent babysitters and BVZ and I snuck away for a night out in Laguna.  We had a cocktail at this place with a statue that peed.  I immediately took a photo for Lou.

We had a great dinner and everyone else had a fashion show in GG's fancy clothes.  A win for everyone.

Thanksgiving Day involved lots of cooking, football, running outside, movie watching, and face stuffing.  So, pretty much a perfect day.

(She's sad because there were only "three more days left.")

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