Friday, July 12, 2013

5th Birthday Day

Norah's birthday was on a Friday, so it was pretty much business as usual.  We got her a scooter and a few other little things.  The scooter was a hit.  She is actually really good at it and picked it up quickly.  If it wasn't 9,000 degrees outside I am sure she would be riding it all day, every day. 

She asked to bring gluten free chocolate chip cookies with mm's to school.  Done and done.

She was really happy to be five.  She kept saying, "But I don't feel five.  When am I going to feel five?"

Pancakes with syrup for breakfast.

I picked her up from school and we went to see Monster's University.  It was a little slow at first, but very cute.  I love going to the movies with that kid.

Louie was napping at Aunt Amy's house while we were at the movies, so when we picked him up Norah got to open a bunch of presents.  Reid gave her a plastic mug that you can chill in the freezer. Norah likes to use it to pretend she's drinking beer.

We were very lucky that Kiki was in town.  Norah was lucky that Kiki was in town with a very special pretty pony.

Bubby just got back from the Bahamas and gave Norah a super special birthday gift--a "real" pearl necklace.

BVZ was in the middle of something nuts at work but was able to sneak away for an hour to have dinner.  By dinner time, Norah was a little pooped and tired of being five.

She perked up a little with pizza and dessert and the day ended on a high note.

BVZ didn't end up getting home until well after 1:00 am.  Which pretty much ruined my plan to get drunk and celebrate five years of parenting.  There's always next year.

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