Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snap Shots

As long as I am spending my Sunday trying to update here, I figured I would include a mish-mosh of random photos from the past couple of weeks.

I got Lou a broom for Christmas and he loves it.  Unfortunately, it spends a lot of time in time-out because he also loves cracking Norah over the head with it.  It's pretty cute when he sweeps.  It is decidedly NOT cute when he purposefully spills cereal just to have something to sweep.

Nothing is cuter than kids in matching pajamas.  Especially when they have dinosaurs.

The other day Norah decided the living room needed to be rearranged.  She accomplished this by moving around furniture and strategically placing her characters around the room.  She was then "hot and exhausted" so she took off her pants.

My mom made stockings for me and my sisters when we were kids.  I still have and use mine.  She has also made a stocking for each of the grand kids.  They have each been spectacularly awesome.  I think Megan's was done before she was even born.  Lou's was done on Christmas Eve.  Of this year.

Lou and Reid are starting to play with each other a lot more.  Which of course means they fight a lot more.  One of their favorite things to do is play cars on Norah's desk.

As soon as we bought this house we talked about putting in the screen and projector and making it a movie room.  For BVZ's birthday in May, I bought him classic movie posters.  They sat in their mailing tubes until August when, for our anniversary, I framed them all.  They then sat in the dining room until last week when BVZ, Mark and Andy hung them on the walls.  A project 8 months in the making.

 I don't know why people complain that there are no cute boy's clothes.  This fleece with a dragon hood and front kills me every time he wears it.

True love.  I almost hate to mention about 12 seconds after this was taken, he punched her in the face.

Our backyard has become infested with Creeping Charlie--a fast growing weed/vine.  Norah says the yard looks like it's covered in lettuce.  BVZ and I pulled this out last week.  It's not even a fourth of what's out there.

Kiki is in NYC right now and posted a very pretty picture of herself on Facebook.  I showed it to Norah and she asked me to take a picture of her looking like Kiki.  This is what she came up with.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, "looking fancy."

Amy and I got a Groupon recently to try out a Gymboree class with the boys.  I am not a huge fan of the franchise because they really push the hard sell to get you into a contract and it's ridiculously expensive.  But the boys loved it.

By far, the favorite activity of both kids is to climb/jump on either the coffee table or our bed.  They are insatiable.

BVZ rarely, if ever, makes it home in time for kid dinner.  We sometimes will call him or send him pictures.  This night Norah wanted me to send him this picture of her using his Giants cup to 'make him crazy.'  I like the way she thinks.

Target had a sale of $3 pajamas.  You can't beat $3 pajamas.

 The End.

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Natalie said...

Those stockings are amazing. Absolutely amazing. I am jealous and I want your mom to make a set for me.