Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Olympics

Last year, Megan and Trevor came up with the brilliant idea of subjecting Lou and Reid to the Baby Olympics.  They set up various tasks (crawling, knocking down blocks, pulling up on the music table, etc.) and made them compete against each other.  We definitely wanted to do it again this year, especially since it would be way more fun now that they walk and talk and knock each other around.  I can't find the actual list so I might be leaving a few out, but the ones I can remember are:

  • going up the stairs
  • a foot race
  • a race on the push cars
  • a dance off
  • building a tower of blocks
  • throwing a ball
  • kicking a ball
  • hitting the ball off of the tee
  • eating
  • crawling through a tunnel
  • jumping
They are both funny kids with different obvious strengths.  Reid has a vocabulary of about 4,000 words, eats like a maniac, dances like a disco champion, and can put together puzzles like a fourth grader.  Lou is pretty physical.  He runs fast, jumps high, kicks like a maniac, and moves like a ninja (for example, we were at the S house last weekend for Bubby's birthday and everyone was downstairs in the living room.  I turned around for a split second and he was gone.  After a few harrowing moments we discovered he had gone up the stairs by himself and was sitting in Trevor's closet pulling out his car collection.)

But pigeon-holing be damned because every prediction we made was entirely wrong.  Reid performed much better at things like kicking the ball and running up the stairs, and Lou was the clear winner in things like building a tower of blocks.  Reid did smoke him in the dance contest, though.  Kid does the 'raise the roof' move.  We thought then it was a no brainer that Reid would win the eating contest.  Reid is the best eater of all times.  Lou is the worst.  It's no contest.  But the best part about kids is that they constantly surprise you.  Constantly.

We are already working on the third annual installment of the games.  I hope it involves zip lining.

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Nayoung said...

You should have the baby olympics every time you feed him. Clearly, he can eat!