Sunday, January 13, 2013


Kiki is teaching and working on her dissertation, which means that she got a bit of a break over the holidays.  Luckily she decided to spend it with everyone here and we got to see a lot of her.  The kids are bananas for her, for good reason.  She runs outside, plays silly games, paints pictures, braids hair, watches movies, and generally makes everything better.

The other day Norah told me that she doesn't remember what it was like not to have her family around all of the time and that if she got one wish it would be to have her ENTIRE family together at one time.  This includes all of us here, the VZs, Kiki, and Ruby.  (And specifically Megan and Trevor.  When I reminded her that they already do live here she said that she knew but wanted to just make sure the wish fairy heard that part).

Maybe someday we'll convince Kiki to come down here for good, but for now we will love her from afar.  A whole lot.

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