Friday, December 30, 2011

Search Words

There is a function on blogger that will show you how people get to your blog. Basically, you can either get directly here by typing in the web address or going to your bookmark; clicking on our blog from another blog that lists it; or by typing in some kind of search term into google. The blogger function will list what people have typed into google that brought them here. These are my current favorites:

"swimming in their clothes kids"

"bay and toddler room"

"costco slipcover 2003"

"smashed face"


"buzz lightyear's penis"

"buzz lightyear's dick"

"the blondes and the brunettes"


k-dog studios said...

It's not at all surprising to me that you wrote about buzz lightyear's penis in one of your blogs, but to think tha it's one of the most popular search terms to find your blog is just creepy.

Tucker said...

WTF?? Hahahaha