Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Weekend

I took almost no pictures this weekend. I hope someone else did a better job because there were a lot of cute and fun things that happened. I guess I was too busy enjoying myself. And I may have had a lot of wine.

Christmas Eve was chili and tamales at our house.

Amy got the boys these ridiculous Santa outfits. They totally loved them. The day before, Reid wore his during cookie baking and had an off-white thermal onesie under the jacket. He ate lunch and so the jacket came off and the belly came out. We called him Bad Santa for the rest of the afternoon.

Megan was a superstar and rode Louis around on the plasma car for the better part of the afternoon.

Then she pushed him around on his car. We love Megan.

Several weeks ago I decided to let Norah pick out matching pajamas for her and Lou to wear on Christmas Eve. She picked ones with two reindeer on the front--one with a green scarf (Lou) and one with a pink scarf (Norah).

Santa got cookies and milk and the reindeer got carrots. Megan and Trevor introduced Norah to the practice of throwing oatmeal and glitter on the front lawn for the reindeer as well. It was pouring rain when we tried to do the throwing. I hope the reindeer appreciated it.

Santa brought a train table. I hurt my back picking up Louis earlier in the day and so I wasn't much of an assistant. I think Santa appreciated the fact that I had to sit on the couch rather than supervise the assembly. It was a late night, but Santa's marriage is still intact, so I suppose it was a win-win.

They absolutely loved it. Norah has pretty much played with it non-stop. She took her new Sleeping Beauty figurines and worked them into her train story lines. I think most involved Malificent's train carrying Prince Phillip to jail. Louis became Lou-Zilla and pulls up and crashes down. I have reassembled the tracks multiple times already.

We spent Christmas day at Bubby's house. The boys wore matching vests.

Kiki made a homemade cheeseball. It might have been the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. Thankfully we ran out of crackers early on or I might have eaten the entire thing. And then had a tomato-basil cheese baby.

Bubby busted out the good china.

It was a great holiday. We loved not having to travel. It was so great to spend the day with everyone and then sleep in our own beds. Norah was SO into Christmas this year. She made up the best song that she's been singing for a week. The lyrics basically consist of some variation of "I love Christmas even though it's not all about me, it's about giving to other people, it's a little bit about me but not all about me." The kids (and BVZ and I) were totally spoiled by both sides of the family. I took Norah to the Dollar Store last week and she picked out a gift for all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and Bubby. She got BVZ a bank in the shape of a baseball because "dad loves baseball, especially the Giants."

Nothing quite compares to Christmas with a three-year-old. It's pretty much perfect.

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