Thursday, December 29, 2011

Louis: Ten Months Old

So, here we are again. Ten months old. These past few weeks Louis has become a whole new baby. He is a crawling dynamo, pulls up on anything and everything, cruises around, and basically wreaks havoc wherever he goes. BVZ announced the other day that we have officially entered the stage of "24 hour suicide watch." I forget how quickly they learn stuff at this age. All in the same day he figured out how to climb stairs, wave, and say "bye" (which we are officially counting as his first word, I think).

He's a string bean baby, weighing only about 19 lbs right now. He's very long. Long fingers, long toes, lots of hair, four teeth. He's wearing mostly 12 month clothes, but the pants are already getting too short. Eating has improved exponentially since the crawling bonanza began and he is now sleeping 12 hours straight in his crib at night. Still takes two good naps. He sleeps on his stomach with his bum in the air. Loves the bath, especially with his sister. He kicks and splashes like Shamu. Kiki called him a one man jacuzzi tub. He is obsessed with balls and plays a pretty good game of catch. He loves being tickled. He likes books but has to be the one to turn the pages. The music table is by far the best $15 I ever spent, as he will stand there and groove until his little legs can't take it any more. If you sit on the floor, open your arms and say, "I need a hug and kiss" he will come and give you one. It's awesome.

His bottle days are numbered (we will drop them as close to a year as possible), but he digs the straw cup so I am not too worried about him. He loves all carbs, most fruits, and almost no vegetables. He would eat a tortilla at every meal if I let him. He loves to drink water and acts like it is the best treat of all times when I give it to him with meals (keep thinking that, kid). He will eat most things he can pick up himself and every once in a while will let me sneak a bite in him. I think pasta is probably his favorite with waffles a close second. I can tell he is actually digesting said food as his poop if finally flushable (too much information, M? :)

His hair is starting to curl up in the back so I am very curious if it will go the same route that Norah's did. I hope so. He is starting to get a temper if something doesn't go his way. Diaper changes are a nightmare. I basically have to pin him with one of my knees to get him to stay down long enough to get him in a diaper. Last night he managed to pull of the tabs and at 2:00 am he wanted out of his pee soaked pajamas. Changing a crib sheet at 2:00 because it's soaked in pee is no fun. No fun at all.

He is so good natured and fun. He loves Reid, and head butts him every chance he gets. Loves Norah, she can do no wrong. Is saying Dada, Mama, and Baba, but not necessarily in the correct context, so I am not counting those just yet. He has incredibly sensitive eyes like me and is bothered by the sun and camera flashes. 95% of pictures of him look like this:

He's my dream come true.


Stephanie said...

Happy ten months Lou Lou. You're our dream come true too

k-dog studios said...

What a cutie - I can't believe how different he is in just 3 mos. Cruising already? Watch out world.