Thursday, December 08, 2011


I took the kids to see Santa yesterday morning. Norah was sweet and a little shy, but VERY excited. Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas and she told him, "a necklace and a bracelet for me, and a new ball for my brother because he can't talk yet, and maybe the same necklace for my friend Ruby." Later she told me that her wish was a secret, but it was okay if I knew about it too.

Louis was somewhat unimpressed. We went in lieu of his morning nap, so it could have been a disaster. Here he is wearing shoes for the first time (hand me downs, thanks A!) He didn't quite know what to make of them and eventually made me take them off.

I am looking forward to the holidays with a kid who really gets it this year. We adopted a family from a domestic violence shelter and Norah and I plan to do the shopping for their gifts this weekend. Norah has also been going through all of her toys and books and picking out the things she wants to donate to a program that collects gently used items for the children of incarcerated parents. She attempted to give away her library books. She's generous like that.

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aileen said...

It's so cute! I want to take both boys to see Santa this year. Last year we took L since it was his first time. Somehow we couldn't find the time to take both.