Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photo Dump

I transferred all the pictures from the past few weeks from my phone to the computer, and thought these were noteworthy.

On our evening walks, Norah likes to sit and put her feet on the water meter in our neighbor's front yard.

Every time she's in the playroom she rips up her alphabet mat.

I recently got her this shirt of her boyfriend Elmo. She wasn't nearly as excited about it as I thought she would be.

Bubby (aka Grammy) was here last week and she and Norah had a great time. She showed up with a suitcase full of fun stuff sent from Megan and Trevor. They included their Sesame Street dolls that they were ready to part with. She is bananas for them and has to carry them around, all four at a time (Cookie, Big Bird, Ernie, and Elmo).

We started going to Gymboree. Norah is really into it. She has no fear of anything except jumping off the slide thing onto a spring mat.

She's totally into the bubbles.

This is the outfit she was wearing the other day. Our neighbor (granted, he's 94) asked me how my 'little guy' was doing.

Sometimes she wakes up with literally the most amazing bedhead.


Natalie said...

We have one of those puzzle mats too. Spencer rips it apart every chance he gets.

JAMS' HOUSE said...

Love the bed head. It's my favorite.

Team Eliza said...

The bedhead picture is my favorite . . . am VERY jealous of those awesome curls!