Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Compared to kids around her, Norah has been a little late to the tooth losing game.  At her last dentist appointment a few months ago the hygienist discovered she had two "wigglers," so there has been eager anticipation for a while now.  Last week both of her bottom teeth got very, very wiggly and the anticipation definitely started to grow.  Loose teeth are certainly not my favorite thing (the whole concept is pretty gross), but it has been so fun to watch her get SO EXCITED about this part of growing up.  It makes me a little sad that her perfect little baby teeth are on their way out but I am so proud of who she is becoming that I can't mourn their loss too much.

On Sunday Norah had two school friends over for a play date and at the end of it I caught them eating chocolate chip muffins on the couch (naughty factor 10).  She was on the verge of totally getting busted when I noticed the main wiggler was no longer in her mouth.  The first tooth had fallen out and she didn't even notice!  Argh.  Worse yet, the tooth itself was no where to be found and all that was left was the side of a bloody muffin.  Yes, we looked everywhere.  (For sure she swallowed it). Although a less than ideal experience she was still pretty stoked.  

She was a little concerned about how the whole tooth fairy thing goes down if there isn't actually a tooth, so she whipped up this gem before bed:

[What is your name? I lost my tooth.  I hope that is ok.  Love Norah.]

The tooth fairy left a $5 bill wrapped in ribbon and a nice note.  Oh, and the tooth fairy's name is Kalissie (Game of Thrones was on that night--BVZ simplified the spelling).

I thought for sure the other bottom tooth would come out on Monday but no dice.  Tuesday it was hanging on for dear life and sure enough, came out during the post dinner wrestling match between Norah and 30 lbs of Fury.  

This time we had the evidence.

Norah was worried she wouldn't get to keep the tooth, so made sure her wishes were clear.

[To Kalissie.  From Norah.  Pleas [sic] don't take the tooth.  Thank you.]

I hope we are wiggler free for a while now.

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Benny Murray said...

I think this would be the first time I’ve heard about the tooth fairy having a name— and a pretty one too! Haha! Anyway, Norah might be a late in the losing a tooth, but it seemed to have gone pretty well. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

Benny Murray @ Dental Care of South Jersey