Monday, April 07, 2014


On days I am at the office I try to be home by about 5:00 pm.  That gives me a solid 2.5 hours of shenanigans before bedtime.  BVZ is used to none of that time but these days he walks in the door at 6:00 pm.  Total game changer.  The kids aren't quite used to it but are definitely digging it.  They've been especially interested in playing "pranks" on him.  This includes telling him they found a spider nest in his pillow and greeting him with underpants on our heads.

There is a set of money bars on the play structure in the backyard and since we've lived here it has been Norah's nemesis.  Last week she made it across twice.  Hallelujah.  You might think the drama would then be over.  You might be wrong.  Apparently making it across the bars twice does not mean you will always make it across and more times that not she freaks the freak out before she's even half way across.  Lou provides moral support in Green Lantern underpants.

That's 30 lbs of fury for you.  We just had his 3 year well child check and he's 20% for weight, 80% for height and has the biggest hands and feet his pediatrician has ever seen.  You can easily count each of his vertebrae and ribs.  His BMI (body mass index) is calculated at 1%.  That would be ONE percent.  He has the cognitive skills and vocabulary of a five year old so no one is concerned (but me) that he seemingly subsists entirely on goldfish crackers and lint from the couch.

These kids like nothing more than a good superhero cape.

Lou started a soccer class a few weeks ago and is really into it.  The only things he's learned so far are: 1) don't wait until the last minute to say you have to pee, and 2) don't use your hands.

Norah continues to be awesome despite her intense love of polly pockets (ie, my toy nemesis). I find little parts in my nightmares.

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