Saturday, April 05, 2014

Read, Write, Rest

For kindergarten, Norah has a long school day.  The morning bell rings at 7:45 and they go until 2:45. There is a half hour during the day where the kids can choose to either read, write, or rest.  For a long time Norah always chose read but lately she's been picking write and comes home with these gems:

[This is Me and Ruby.  I like Ruby.  She likes Me to [sic].  By Norah.]

Lunch times are staggered by grade and kinder eats at 10:00 am [!]  We have to pack a snack because by early afternoon of course they are starving.  There are a lot of rules when it comes to the snack--mainly it has to be easy, quick, and not messy. Cereal bars with protein are great but it is hard to find a gluten free one that Norah likes.  I thought we hit the jackpot with these until I got this note:

Back to the drawing board. 

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