Sunday, January 26, 2014


We've had several bouts of very cold weather this winter.  Thankfully it never seems to last for very long.  I don't like the super hot summers, so in theory I like cold weather.  I like cold weather when I am indoors and there are so restless children.  Otherwise it kind of sucks.

This past Thursday was supposed to be the coldest front yet, bringing with it freezing rain and possible snow. I was supposed to go to go on a work trip on Friday (over four hours away through some rural and winding roads), so I was very relieved that the trip got cancelled because of the forecast. By Thursday late afternoon lots of offices and businesses closed early to give folks a fighting chance on the roads.  

You can kind of see a hint of snow flurries here.

A small smattering of ice accumulated on the upstairs deck.  Norah was beside herself with joy and was convinced the pool would be frozen and suitable for ice skating within the hour.  Sadly, it was not.

The kids celebrated their first snow by engaging in their new favorite past time--melon balling.

As of 10:00 pm that night, the school district announced a two hour start delay to school the next morning so we gloriously slept in and awoke to this.

It was not a soft smattering of snow, rather it was pure ice.  There were something like 120 (minor) traffic accidents reported overnight and with the temperature holding steady at about 28 degrees, schools were cancelled for the day.  Similarly, my (government) office was closed, as was BVZ's (private).  Basically the entire city shut down completely.  Granted the road were a mess and I was grateful not to have to be on them but because of the amount of ice seen above.

We took advantage of what likely will be the only snow day in the children's entire public school stint in Central Texas.  We made vanilla pancakes and watched cartoons on the ipad.

Did lots and lots and lots of painting.

And had nothing but buttered popcorn and hot chocolate for lunch.  You would think these two had never watched popcorn pop by the looks on their faces.

There were a lot of superhero battles, train tracks constructed, books read, movies watched, forts built, and wrestling matches won (if you were Lou, lost if you were Norah).

It was a fun day.  I am down with a snowpocalypse at least once a year.

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