Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bits and Pieces

I got a haircut for the first time in almost a year.  I had at least six inches lopped off.  My hair falls out by the handful and I was pulling ropes of hair out of the shower drain every morning.  

Lou is obsessed with being a garbage man.  Every chance he gets he pretends he's riding the garbage truck. He does it on carts, chairs, the side of the staircase, etc.  Everywhere.  The cart is the most maddening because every 50 feet he yells, "stop the truck!" and hopes off, picks up his invisible garbage, and then hops back on.  It's crazy making.

A new Costco just opened close to us.  I have never been a fan of Costco, but I borrowed my mom's card to check it out the other day.  I am not cut out for Costco.  I get overwhelmed really easily and make bad impulse choices.  Like a bag of three giant cantaloupes.  We can't possible eat this much cantaloupe before they go bad.

Bubby likes to take the kids to a live nativity.  After the short performance, they lead the animals over to a pen and the kids can pet them.  It was mostly sheep and goats.  We got Lou to go by promising there would be cows.  He loves cows.  Loves them.  He was a good sport and insisted upon calling the goats cows.  

Norah had her annual parent viewing session last week.  She was tired and grumpy but as soon as "free dance" came on it was game on.

Lou likes to pretend he is Santa Claus.  He says, "ho, ho ho.  What do you want for Christmas?"  You tell him and he either says, "here you go" or "I don't have dat thing."  Bathtubs are great places to make Santa beards.

Both kids remembered this house from last year, which was very cool.  We have visited it several times for some dancing and general holiday merriment.

Norah's kindergarten class has been overwhelmed by Christmas activities during the entire month of December.  I might prefer that they do a little more multi-cultural learning, but I am not going to make a big deal about it.  While certainly not religious based, it is all Santa/reindeer/elves all the time.  I'm just saying.

The last day of school there was a big party and families were welcome to attend.  I made gluten free peppermint cookies and gluten free cupcakes.  The cookies were a huge hit.  Especially among my extended family members...

The theme of the party was Polar Express and it was very sweet.  The principal dressed up as a conductor, each kid got a special, sparkly ticket, etc.  Again, I would have probably picked a more holiday neutral theme, but no one asked my opinion and all of the kids seemed to really love it.

There was a barrel train that the school rented and each class had a time they got to go out and ride it. Siblings were welcome, so Norah got to ride twice.

There were a lot of fun crafts and activities for the kids back in the classroom, including making a candy train and putting a wish into an ornament.  Most of the wishes were what the kids wanted from Santa.  Norah's was "I wish the Elf on the Shelf would talk to me."

A dad read the Polar Express to the class.

After the story was over a special white box was delivered to the classroom.  It was ice cold.  Inside was a sleigh bell with each kid's name on it.  They went bananas.

A massive amount of sugar was then consumed.

Everything wrapped up about 10:00 am and kids were free to go home for the day.  I thought this was weird until Bubby told me that the teachers have 9 million things to do before they get to start their break and the best possible thing you could do for them is to take your kid home at 10:00 am.  So we did.

We have been lucky that Kiki has been in town for a couple of weeks.  She is a champion game player, kid entertainer, and baby wrangler.

Again with the garbage truck playing.  Reid is just as bad.

Every year Bubby puts on a special holiday party for all of the grandkids.  Lou got dressed up for the event. He is such a little boy now.  And cleans up nicely.

There was pizza making, cookie consuming, and craft creating.

I think the little boys basically played with trucks and ate cookies the whole time.

Lucky kids.

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