Sunday, January 26, 2014


Remember how Norah is obsessed with the King in her Greek Mythology book that jumps in the copper pot whenever he gets scared? This is Norah's copper pot.  Otherwise known as the living room ottoman.  

Norah likes to sleep on our master bedroom floor in her sleeping bag.  A couple of weekends ago she convinced us to let her and Lou have a sleepover in Lou's room.  That would be Norah sound asleep about ten minutes after they went to bed.  That would also not be Lou similarly asleep in his own sleeping bag.  I believe he was perched on his bed preparing to tackle/dog pile her.  A few minutes after this photo she begged for the sleepover to end.

The Austin Children's Museum closed a few months ago and re-opened as the Thinkery a few weeks ago. It's a great place.  It reminds me a lot of the San Jose Children's Museum.  It's still a bit too crowded for my taste but we'll give it a month or so and then I am sure we'll be back a lot.

The highlights were the water exhibit (next time we will bring dry clothes so they can really go to town):

The chicken coop/produce market:

The magnet room:

The light exhibit:

Gears and pulleys.  This would also be where Norah dropped a large and very heavy gear on my foot.  I thought for a bit my toe was actually broken.  I can't believe they would have equipment that dangerous (my only real complaint about the whole place):

The giant magnet wall:

The painting wall:

The huge outdoor playscape.  It was freezing cold the day we were there so the kids were out there about 15 seconds before running back inside.

More magnets:

Louie's hair is so thick and grows so quickly that he needs a haircut every three days it seems.  I really need to learn how to cut it myself.  I don't like it cut too short because he's got that sweet California surfer boy swag going on, but a week later he's more like shaggy dog.

Norah's class has a pet dinosaur named Dexter.  A few weeks ago it was Norah's turn to bring him home. She (and so really me) had to spend the weekend hanging out with Dexter and documenting his adventures in the Dexter notebook.  Norah was very into thinking of funny photos to take.  We had Dexter eat popcorn at Target, pretend to drive the car, work on the ipad, and hang out by the hot tub.

Louie went to a birthday part of one of his classmates recently.  I think it might have been his first birthday party of a friend all his own and not one of Norah's or ours.  He had a blast at an indoor jump place.  Kid has zero fear when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Last weekend it was a balmy 75 degrees and perfect for the park.  Which would be a stark contrast to this week's deep freeze.

Norah went to a birthday party where Rapunzel was in attendance.  Her glasses now have some kind of glitter glue on them that I may never get off.

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