Thursday, June 20, 2013

GG and Aunt Nessa

We hadn't seen GG and Aunt Vanessa since Thanksgiving, so they graciously agreed to fly out and spend the weekend with us.  One of these days we will actually go and see them.  That day might be ten years from now but it will happen.  GG and V are great house guests.  They go with the flow, are low maintenance, and as long as there is hot coffee and cold white wine, they are good to go.  It was a little overcast the weekend they were here and so there wasn't as much pool time as we were hoping there might be.  

GG had the great idea to have an early birthday celebration for Norah, so we went bowling.  It was a glow-in-the-dark kind of place that had beer for the grown ups and bumpers for the kids.

Lou was more into dancing under the sparkle lights than actually bowling.

We did some arcade games afterwards.  The kids loved air hockey, were miserably awful at ski ball, and were obsessed with anything that resembled a slot machine.

It was a very fun afternoon.  Check out the shirt that Norah is wearing.  It is the dress from her two year birthday party.  She's a totally different kid with the exact same shoulder width.  

Back home we had some gluten free birthday cake.

Lou walked around for the better part of the day saying, "I want cake.  I love cake.  I want cake.  I love cake."

Norah got some awesome gifts including a Tinkerbell costume that she wears, an adorable outfit, goggles, and some fun games.  She is totally into this Charades game that GG gave her.  Louie is obsessed with the card that has a picture of an elephant on it and I have found it in his bed twice this week.

There was lots of movie watching, lots of pretty pony and monster truck playing, and lots of swinging in the backyard.  See what I mean?  The perfect house guests.

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