Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snips and Clips

A round up of the last couple of weeks:

Lou's favorite color by far is purple.  He demands the purple plate at dinner, points out the color any chance he gets, and goes nuts when I wear my purple shirt to work.  So, of course, Norah desperately wanted to get him a purple shirt for his birthday.  It was really sweet and we searched high and low (and online) but no one makes a solid purple shirt for a toddler boy.  And so we got him a "girl" shirt.  It has darts in the front and capped sleeves and he looks adorable in it.

Norah got to meet Camilla when she was still in the hospital, which was the highlight of her life.

 A few weeks ago, Norah woke up in the middle of the night in hysterics.  She said it was because she thought the baby would be born and no one would pay any attention to her.  Totally weird, especially given the fact that she's never had even a moment of discord about her own brother.  Maybe because this baby is a girl?  I don't know.  Whatever it was it passed quickly and ever since Camilla arrived it has only been a great big love fest.

Louie did not get to go to the hospital (for the protection of all in the hospital), so he got to meet Camilla the afternoon she got home.  He was really into her and laughed and wanted to hold her feet.  Then he had a melt down about not getting to play with Reid's brand new garbage truck and we had to leave 10 minutes after arriving.

Lou's car seat got flipped forward the week before his birthday.  He loves facing forward and it's really nice to have him that way.  It's so much easier to count the school buses that go by.

Having a newborn around sure makes you realize how gigantic your toddler really is.

Lou goes to time out every day at school.  Usually it's because he's pushed someone, sometimes it's for hitting.  He just can't seem to deal when another kid gets in his space or wants something he has or had anytime in the preceding 10 minutes.  It is developmentally normal and I have been assured he's not getting kicked out but it is still frustrating and disconcerting.  It's terrible to be the parent of the hitter.

Norah does a lot of mediating between these two.  She eats it up.

She is very into putting together outfits for school.

Camilla is such a cute baby and, so far, seems super mellow.  I am sure her parents might disagree at 3:00 am, but in my world she is just about perfect.

Norah is going through a growth spurt.  She is eating like she's never eaten before and has finally cracked the elusive 40 lb mark.  This past week she's had some weird stuff going on with her belly and urinary system, but I am hoping it's just because her body is just not used to seeing all that food.

Kiki was in town to meet Camilla.

Lou is obsessed with the old Michael Jackson song "Beat It." I really need to get a video of him dancing to it.

See?  True love.

Norah got this cowboy hat from GG a few years ago and right now it fits Lou perfectly.  Sometimes he naps with it on.

The weather is so nice right now.  Mid 70's with a great breeze.  Since daylight savings we have been playing outside every night after dinner, mostly in the front with the sand table.  Soon there will be no more sand table play because Lou either dumps the sand in the grass or flings it into the air by the fistful.  I refuse to buy more cancer-free sand until he knocks it off.

Perfect apple eating weather.  It won't last.  All this week it is supposed to be mid to high 80's.  Yuck.

Norah drew this picture of me and BVZ.  He's picking me a flower.  My favorite part is his hair.

Kids table at breakfast.

Norah could not go to school on Friday because of the aforementioned stomach and bladder problems.  We were home bound so we made popcorn and watched Wreck-it-Ralph.  Twice.

Norah's latest and greatest triumph is that she can finally pump her legs on the swing.  She needs no help in getting on, swinging, and getting off.  This is particularly remarkable given the fact that she is the kid who won't try anything.  She is going to be seventeen and still using training wheels.

Just seems like such a big kid here.

 A big kid with cherry red toenails.

I always figured the best part of having two kids would be their ability to entertain each other and that is finally starting to come into fruition.  This morning I was making something to take to a friend who just had a baby and they played ballet school/day care in my bathroom for an HOUR.

Then Lou came out and grabbed a hot cookie sheet with his bare hand.  Norah got him a bag of ice and then insisted he sit on her lap until he felt better.  What a gal.

This kid is too cute.  I love having a baby around that I don't have to feed and don't ever see at 3:00 am.  LOVE.


Ave said...

Lou's shirt is adorable. Purple is also Ez's favorite color!

Maryellen said...

I just adore your children...everything about them. Including the fact that Lou goes to time out every day. I love all of my students but I do have a special place in my heart for the frequent time outers. They just have the funniest little personalities! Camilla does look like a little sweet pea!!