Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Shoot

Even though we don't celebrate Easter in a religious context, I love the idea of the Easter holiday as a celebration of spring and new beginnings.  When Kiki was here a few weeks ago, we found these ridiculously cute suits at Target for the boys and figured this would be the perfect occasion for them.  We tried to get them to wear the suits when Kiki was here but we made the mistake of waiting until the night before she left, right before dinner.  Suffice it to say, it was a no-go.  Amy brought Reid and Camilla over first thing this morning (first thing with a newborn being 10:30 am), we bribed them with jelly bellies and tried again.  I love having my Fridays off.  I don't know if I could ever give up my Fridays off.

Anyway, Norah was more than happy to oblige and wore her own Easter finest.  

These two are hilarious together.  In the past few weeks (knock on wood) they have gone from having a knock down drag out every 30 seconds to actually playing with each other.  I hope it lasts.

Unfortunately the suits weren't a great fit.  Lou's was way too big all around and Reid's pants were far too long.  Reid's outfit also had a bow tie, but we figured we were already pushing it.  I still think they looked adorable.  When Norah saw Reid she said, "You are so handsome, I want to marry you.  But, I won't marry you because if you marry your cousin you go to jail.  I don't want to go to jail."  I have no idea who told her this.  My money is on Bubby.

This might be my new favorite picture of Lou.  I think he had just swiped a jelly belly from Reid.

Always a delight.

I like the American Gothic feel of this one.

Norah's hair is losing some of its intense curliness and is slowly morphing into just being really wavy.  Her hair is currently a nightmare.  It's a battle to comb and she hates having it washed so much that I have taken to doing it maybe once a week.  When do kids learn how to wash their own hair?  I hope it's at 4 years, 10 months old.  

Lou had just gotten busted for something.

Amy wanted to try and get some shots of Camilla for her birth announcements.  I think there were some decent ones.  She was a trooper.  Later when I was changing her diaper she peed all over my bed and shot poop across the room.  I still like her.

I am not sure what we did before the ipad.  It allowed us a full 20 minutes to actually pay attention to Camilla.

Amy wanted to get at least one good shot of Camilla and Reid together.  He made it about as easy as you would imagine a two year old would.  There might have been more jelly bellies involved.  And maybe a time out.

Camilla got a costume change and Norah demanded some photos of the two of them together.

She's a sweet bunny, for sure.

Happy spring!

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