Monday, February 11, 2013

The Lion King

GG hooked us up this year with season tickets to the Broadway in Austin series.  It's been awesome. We have seen some great shows and it has forced BVZ and I to leave the house and spend some quality time together.  Plus, the theater serves wine.  (It's also actually a really nice reminder that Austin is a big city with lots of cultural opportunities.  It's easy to forget sometimes in light of all the bbq and splash pads, but given the right set of circumstances it can be a cosmopolitan kind of place.  Sort of).  

Anyway, one of the shows in our package was the Lion King, so we swapped our two Saturday night tickets for three Sunday matinee tickets and took Norah to her first musical.  I knew she would love it and figured she would be fine even at a 2+ hour show, considering the kid can sit and watch all three Toy Story movies in a row.  She was very excited and brought along her stuffed lion, "Lionee" because "he will enjoy seeing his original family."

Outside of the theater:

Holding up her ticket and program:

BVZ was in charge of exchanging the tickets and he went all out and got the best seats in the house.    I always enjoy sitting in the balcony, but it was a really good call on his part for Norah's first show-she was at the perfect vantage point and being so close kept her interested and engaged the entire time.  That and the bag of m&m's I had in my purse.

At intermission being "sad" about the dad lion dying.

It was a huge success and it made me very excited to think of all the fun stuff we are going to be able to do with her that is not necessarily kid-centric.  Next season includes Wicked and she's already picked out her outfit.

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