Saturday, August 18, 2012


When we first moved to Austin I was set up on a blind date.  My friend from the bay area has a sister-in-law who has a friend that lives a few miles away from the house we leased when we first got to town.  Got that?  Email exchanges were made and we connected.  It was a good set up and I now have a new friend I like very much.  Today we celebrated her 40th birthday at a music festival in a tiny Texas town in the middle of hill country.

It was hot (but there was lots of cloud cover thankfully), so the kids ran around with plastic guns filled with ice water.  In a previous life I might have cared about OMG my kid is playing with a gun, but either I am slowly reverting to my Texas roots or the 104 degree heat has fried my brain.  Either way, I didn't realize until halfway through filming this that Norah is dancing with a gun.  Eh. She's still got moves.

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Natalie said...

Ice water in a water gun sounds very refreshing. I like buying those tubular looking shooter things for Spencer. That way he can still shoot water, but he's not playing with a gun. It's a win-win.