Friday, August 24, 2012

Ariel Makes Bad Choices

Norah asks me all of the time who my favorite princesses are and who my least favorite princesses are.  I tell her that my favorites are Merida, because she stood up for what she believed in; Tiana, because she has a really cool job and is a hard worker and never gave up; and Rapunzel, because she is kind and really got to know Eugene before she decided she was in love with him.  Oh and Belle, because she really likes books.  

I then tell her that my least favorite princess is Ariel, because she makes bad choices and gives up everything that's important to her for someone she doesn't even know; Cinderella, because she waited around for a guy to make her life better instead of making it better herself; and Sleeping Beauty, for wanting to get married when she was 16 years old. 

She rolls her eyes and gets mad because she freaking loves Ariel.  For no good reason.  I mean, sure it's cool she is a mermaid and all, but she really is completely and totally lame.  The other day Megan and Trevor came swimming and the girls played with Norah's figurines in the pool.  They managed to get Ariel caught in the vacuum and we bid a tearful farewell.  We are now required to call the Belle figurine 'Ariel' and pretend she has a big green fin.

Tonight I found both Prince Eric and Fake Ariel strung up on Norah's dresser.  I asked her what was up and she said they made bad choices.  FINALLY.  Torturous intent aside, at least she's listening.  

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