Friday, August 24, 2012

Na Na and Louie

Norah has been an awesome big sister since the day Lou was born.  She dotes on him, loves on him, shares her stuff with him, wants to take care of him, etc.  There's been no jealousy*, no regressions, no nothing.  She really is the best big sister ever.  

Lou, however, does not necessarily return the favor.  I mean, sure he loves her in a big way. When he wakes up every morning, "Na Na" is what he yells.  He follows her around and is generous with the hugs and kisses.  But, he also steals her shit all the time, pulls her hair, bites and whacks her on a regular basis, and generally wreaks havoc.  Norah is incredibly patient with him.  I keep waiting for the day that she knocks him into the next room, but apparently that's not her nature.  He's a lucky dude.

 All I can hope for is that they will always share this truly genuine affection for one another.  I sleep better at night knowing that Norah will always look out for Lou.  And he needs it.  He's a monster. A cute monster for sure, but a monster nonetheless.

*She could pretty much care less if I pay attention to Lou, but if Megan and Trevor ever favor him over her, all bets are off.  Let's just say Norah can get a bit, ahem, possessive when it comes to Megan and Trevor.

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meganastone said...

I'm tickled that one of your photos included the purple stroller =)