Saturday, July 14, 2012


I paid a lot of attention to gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and language development when Norah was a baby.  Louis has sadly not gotten the same kind of attention.  He walks, he talks, he eats, he likes books.  I figure I am doing my job.  But since this is in fact his baby book, I should document that at 16.5 months he regularly says a lot of words.  Here's the list I could come up with when I thought about it:

NaNa (Norah)
Bubba (Bubby)
Sasa (thank you)
Oovie (lovey)
Digga (digger)
Do-tee (dump truck)
Nigh-nigh (night night)
Tain (train)
Tee (tree)
Da (dog)
Wa-wa (water)
Muh (more)
Ticka (tickle)
Baaa (as in what does a sheep say?)

He might have more words than Norah did at this age, but she was very articulate (almost everyone could understand what she was saying whereas for sure I am the only one that understands most of what Lou says), and never omitted sounds.  Lou doesn't appear to have any "R's" (ie, he says tee and not tree).  

Speaking of Norah, she no longer says thank you, she says Merci! Because she is obsessed with Fancy Nancy.  She has an excellent vocabulary.  The other night BVZ miraculously came home before bedtime and he and Norah hung out and went swimming while I worked like a crazy person on a lingering California case I have.  He gave her a bath and I went in to say goodnight and asked if she got her hair washed.  She said yes.  I asked if she got conditioner and BVZ said no.  Without skipping a beat Norah said, "well, fuck."

Yikes.  She didn't say it out of anger, it was perfectly proper contextually, and it was funny as hell.  I actually had to leave the room so that BVZ could give her a talking to about appropriate language.  And then I got one too. 


aileen said...

At least it's in the right context. Smart girl.

Natalie said...

Lou appears to have vocalic "r" (the r sound at the end of bear). One of your sisters is an SLP, right? Is she impressed with this list? Because I certainly am.