Sunday, July 22, 2012

A VZ Fourth of July

Fourth of July may seem like a distant memory, but we had some special guests in town...GG and Aunt Vanessa.  I took only a handful of pictures the entire weekend so I am hoping that someone (hint, hint) will send me the ones they took.  

They got in super late on the 3rd and were woken up super early on the 4th by the welcoming committee, ie a four-year-old demanding that someone play pretty ponies with her.  Our neighborhood was having a parade and block party, so we rallied and headed out.  We totally missed the parade.  Maybe there wasn't really a parade?  Who knows.  We walked to the pool/playground area where there was free watermelon, sno-cones, and a boy scout hot dog sale.  The line for watermelon was too long, the sno-cones were not gluten free, and I wouldn't let BVZ buy anything from the boy scouts.  Basically we were three for three.  But there was also a jump house and free face painting, so all was not lost. 

Our neighborhood is very family-centric which is very nice, if a bit overwhelming at times. Overwhelming in that people here are very friendly and that doesn't always, ahem, come naturally to me.  

We spent the rest of the day trying out BVZ's new fancy-pants grill and swimming in the pool.  The pool is awesome.  You too could have a pool in Texas (hint, hint).

The rest of the long weekend was spent swimming, watching movies, and hanging out.  GG and Aunt Vanessa were fabulous kid entertainers and very understanding of the fact that it is basically impossible to go anywhere with small children when it is 100+ degrees outside.  It's always tough because everyone (especially Norah) gets very attached.  She knows a good thing when she sees it.
There were a lot of craft projects.  Yes, I make my children do crafts naked.  (At least GG has a shirt on.)  It makes clean up so much easier. 

We did venture out to eat the last night.  It went surprisingly well given the fact that there was a half hour wait at 5:00 pm and Lou squirted a pouch of baby food in his eye on the way there.  Aunt Vanessa procured mexican martinis for the wait and GG may or may not have attempted to give Norah her tequila soaked olive (hey, at least it was gluten free).

*I would just like to note for the record that Lou's outfit is totally of BVZ's choosing.  I would not willingly dress a one-year-old like Johnny Cash in the dead of the Texas summer.

It was a ton of fun and we can't wait until the VZ's are back.  We promise that in, oh, 10 or so years we might be able to actually take you to do something fun.  Promise.  


Nayoung said...

Love love love your pool!!

Aunt Vanessa said...

We had such a great time! I promise to post photos soon:)

Maryellen said...

Looks like you had a great visit!! Lol about Lou's outfit!!