Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Hot and I'm Tired

Moving is hard work.  For the most part the dust has settled and I now have an entire room full of crap I have no intention of unpacking anytime in the distant future.  I have also been working a ton, running after Lou a ton, and playing pretty ponies with Norah a ton.  That leaves time for pretty much nothing else.

We've been taking a lot of bike rides after dinner when it cools off to a balmy 95 degrees.  Norah loves her bike but falls off it at least once every.single.time. we take it out.  Lou is more adept on the tricycle than Norah ever was.  I hope that means he will be able to someday ride a bike with training wheels without falling off every.single.time.

The backyard has an awesome play structure but it's so hot that we can only really use it either first thing in the morning or right before bed.  Norah does great on it and Lou pretty much gives me a heart attack every second he's on it.  He's a freaking mountain goat.  He climbs up the ladder, attempts to flip himself off the side, and then goes down the slide head first.  I pretty much have to shot gun a beer to calm my nerves as soon as we go back inside. 

Last week BVZ got free tickets to the Round Rock Express game, the local minor league baseball team. It was no Giants stadium, but beer was cheap and Norah had a good time.  

Fascinating, yes?


k-dog studios said...

i'm in love with your play structure.

Maryellen said...

Moving is such a bear! At least you know you won't have to do it again for a very, very long time.