Saturday, May 05, 2012

Saturday Funday

Blogger apparently changed all of their formatting.  It's freaking me out a bit and it has taken me about three hours just to figure out how to arrange photos.  Plus, it's centering everything and that's about to drive me bananas.  Ah.  Just figured it out.

Anyway, we had a very boring Saturday today.  Which was actually really nice considering it's been a week full of work, sickness, and general malaise.  You know, like every week around here.  

Lou continues to exhaust everyone.  His new obsession is the top drawer of BVZ's nightstand.  You know, the drawer that no kid has any business getting into.  The drawer that now has a child proof latch that Lou made mince meat of this morning.  The drawer that will be getting a magnetic lock tomorrow.  The drawer that BVZ told Norah was "private" and she in turn told me and Lou was "poison."  You know, that drawer.

(The photo on the right is Norah demonstrating what happens when you get poisoned).

Despite being a monster, Lou is completely irresistible.  And unbelievably skinny.  The cargo shorts he is wearing are size 6 to 12 months.  And he can't keep them up.  Oh yes, he's a gangsta in size 6 to 12 month shorts.  He's eating us out of house and home these days, so I can only assume being a holy terror 12 hours a day burns a lot of calories.

This would be Lou giving our baby proofing efforts a big Eff Off this afternoon.

Norah and I ran a bunch of errands and got heatstroke today.  I think it got up to 96 degrees at one point.  We decided the only way to deal was to have frozen yogurt for dinner.  You never saw a kid so excited to get to have frozen yogurt for dinner.

Baby on the loose requires constant monitoring.

We went to a really cute place that's very close to the new house.  It's one of those fancy pants, "gourmet" yogurt places that has less sugar, more probiotics.  You know, the ones with only five or six flavors, one of them being "tart."  Anyway, no one that worked there could confirm that the yogurt was gluten free so I asked to see one of the bags that would hopefully have the ingredient list.  The manager told me that was against their policy because someone once tried to steal their yogurt recipe.  I rolled my eyes and literally laughed out loud.  Thankfully, the non-manager had a little more sense and let me see the bag.  It looked safe so we loaded up.  (Right before bed Norah complained that her stomach hurt "more than ever" so I really, really, really hope she was just being dramatic and I didn't totally ruin her).

Norah's ballet and tap recital is next weekend and apparently they do some Toddlers and Tiara move where they put their heads on their hands, lean to one side and smile.  I have been making fun of her move non-stop, so of course she's been doing it non-stop.  It's pretty much been the highlight of my weekend.  Lou was into the yogurt as well, but of course refuses to allow anyone to give him a bite, he must TAKE IT HIMSELF.  

 I did make them eat some legitimate dinner, including broccoli, and Lou had to get hosed off in the shower after cramming massive amounts of gluten free pasta in his face.  BVZ went to a work function (minor league baseball game) and so after getting Lou to bed, Norah and I made popcorn and watched three episodes of Doc McStuffins (best kid show ever).  I may or may not be currently drinking that bottle of wine in the background.

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Natalie said...

I don't like the blogger changes. And a little notice would have been nice.

I tell Michael, almost daily, that I can't wait until Elliott is old enough for us to go for frozen yogurt. It'll still be warm in October when he'll be 10 months. Maybe I'll try to steal their recipe when we do go (ridiculous!)