Sunday, May 06, 2012

Heres and Theres

Louis is obsessed with this cow at the Children's Museum.  Seriously obsessed.  He wants nothing to do with anything other than this cow the entire time we are there.

Lou has been talking quite a bit lately.  We've got hi and bye, cat and dog, ball, and something that sounds kind of like thank you (said when I give him food) and uh-oh, mama and dada, up and go.  One of the cuter things he does is grab a blanket, cuddle down with his bear and then says "nigh nigh."  Almost makes me forget that he regularly grinds avocado into his hair and pasta sauce into the carpet. 

For the past several days, before his bath I have noticed that Lou has this rash on his back.  I assume it must be heat rash because it's not there in the morning and well, it's hot.  90+ degrees all this week.  I think it's only going to get worse.

Gluten free is going really well.  Norah seems to feel better, it's not that big of a deal, and with the exception of our multi-million dollar grocery bill, I actually really like it.  Rice pasta is delicious.  Norah has been really good about learning more about what foods have gluten in them and there hasn't been a moment of discord on her part that she can't have something she used to have.  The only moment of sadness was when we told her that she couldn't go to Subway with BVZ anymore.  See, BVZ takes her to ballet every Saturday.  It's their thing (it's also why I had no idea that she was having a formal recital until she came home with a COSTUME yesterday that he apparently paid for three weeks ago...), and after class they get everyone sandwiches at Subway and they split a cookie while they wait.  BVZ divides it and Norah gets to pick the first piece.  Totally sweet.  She cried big, giant crocodile tears when the Subway run got taken out of the equation.  I think it's 50% because of the loss of her and BVZ's special time together, and 50% because of the loss of the cookie.  He's promised to find her an alternative.

In the meantime, we made a big batch of cupcakes.  They were good, if a bit crumbly.

This is the built-in in the game/play room at the new house.  It's a toy storage wonderland.  I thought at first we might paint it white but have since decided against it.  Because 1) while white might be good for a kids playroom, brown works better for when they are older or we ever sell the house, and 2) give me a break.  I am not going to paint it.  I did get awesome and colorful cabinet knobs,though.  The ones on them right now are brushed gold and say things like, "love," "peace", "hope."  Clearly, not my style.  But seriously.  A toy storage wonderland!

Norah saw this picture and was very excited at the prospect of a kid only-tv.  I told her to keep dreaming.

It's hot here but not unbearable, so we've been trying to get outside as much as possible before it does get, in fact, unbearable.  There have been lots of trips to the mailbox and digging for dinosaur bones.

Norah doing her exercises in the driveway and swinging at the park (Lou's hair is very strawberry blond, especially in the sunlight.  Hair to match his temperament, for sure).

Lately Norah makes this great face when she asks a question about something or pretends to be perplexed. It's hilarious in person.  Clearly, it does not come across the same way in a photograph.

These days she will ONLY wear dresses (no shorts, no pants, no skirts-so annoying), and likes her hair to be "long and loose."  It took the promise of a treat after dinner, a trip to the park, and a show to get her to have her hair braided.  It looks incredibly sweet, but she's not buying it.

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Natalie said...

Norah looks ADORABLE with her hair like that. It actually makes her look older. And a bit like my niece.

I'm so glad the gluten free diet is going well. I see gluten free stuff on pinterest all the time. Maybe you could start a board and let others pin to it so you could build up a collection of recipes.