Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Up To Date

I am not terribly organized about what we've been doing lately, so this is just a random assortment of pictures from my phone. I have quite a few work-related pots on the stove right now and my free time feels even more limited than usual.

Norah and I went to the Inner Space Caverns last weekend with my friend Joe. It was pretty cool, despite the fact that I am a little scared of caves (due entirely to the scariest movie ever made, The Descent). Norah was not scared and instead asked me to take pictures of her making scary faces.

We've been spending a lot of time at the Children's Museum. It's a miracle no one has contracted pink eye.

Lou is all about walking with his car. Norah will often hitch a ride.

Norah has never been a fan of bouncy/jump houses and is actually a little scared of them. We went to a birthday party a few weekends ago at a jump house place and out of nowhere she decided to go down the giant slides, bounce with other kids, and fling herself into this pit filled with foam blocks. I don't know what got into her, but I like it.

Louis loves these mega-blocks and insists on sitting IN the bucket at all times.

Norah got a haircut a few weeks ago. They washed her hair in the sink which she was totally not prepared for.

But then she got to sit in a pink jeep and watch a Barbie movie so it was all good.

Lou discovered how to get into the kitchen cabinets and has enjoyed the timeless art of pot banging. Today the boys made a two-man band.

We are doing a trial class with the kids at Little Gym. Unfortunately it is right at nap time. Despite the bad timing the boys seem to be into it. Lou gets to crawl everywhere and hang on bars. What's not to like.

They spent a good part of the class banging on the window.

A post-workout snack.

These two definitely have a love-hate relationship. They are starting to interact in a meaningful way, which includes a lot of face smacking, hair pulling, and body slamming. But then sometimes I catch them reaching for each other and holding hands. I like that part best.

This morning during breakfast Norah drew a picture of a mermaid. It totally looks like a mermaid! I thought the dark orange wings were arms but they are in fact ears.

I have been moussing Lou's hair for special occasions. I think it makes him look like the mean blonde kid from Harry Potter.

See that mark near his eye? That would be from falling face first into the train table. I suspect he'll have a bit of a shiner tomorrow. It was the first of 54 injuries that he inflicted upon himself today. I imagine it will only get worse before it gets better.

Norah reads to Lou all of the time. Sometimes the dog book, sometimes the dinosaur book, and this evening it was "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child." Oh, the irony.


Natalie said...

He totally looks like Draco Malfoy with the hair like that!

Tucker said...

I like N's joker face in this first pic, ha!