Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still Sick

Lou spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon like this.

He finished his antibiotics on Tuesday but wasn't any better. By Wednesday night he was refusing to eat, refusing to be put down, and refusing to stop crying. Of course these things always happen after 5:00, so my only choice was the urgent care after hours. After waiting in an exam room for well over an hour (that poor doctor was being run ragged), she was able to tell us that Lou's ears were both still horribly infected. The poor kid had snot pouring from his mouth, his nose, and his eyes. He has a terrible, raspy cough and generally just looks miserable.

One option was to give him an injection of antibiotics, but we would have had to wait at the clinic for an hour to make sure he didn't have a reaction and they closed at 9:00 pm (it was currently 9:37). We could have come back this morning for it, but it apparently can be pretty harsh on a little one's digestive system and given the fact that my kids always have at least a local reaction to shots, I didn't really want to chance it. We went with Plan B, which was to start him on another course of oral antibiotics and get ourselves to an ENT as soon as possible. The first available with the pediatric ENT the urgent care doctor recommended wasn't until May, so she made a call and we are going in for a hearing test and consultation next week.

Despite the fact that he didn't go to bed until well after 10:00 pm last night, he was still up at the regular hour of 7:00. Which pretty much means he was a hot mess all day again today. Usually Lou could pretty much care less what I am doing most of the time. He likes to play with toys, his sister, and the cat way more than he likes to play with me. However, it was a complete disaster all day today if I wasn't holding or touching him in some way. All day. It was super cute for the first few hours.

I sent this picture of my shirt to BVZ at work. At the time it was taken, my shirt had on it: snot from Lou's mouth, snot from his nose, tears, vomit, antibiotic, applesauce, vomit from the antibiotic, and vomit from the applesauce.

As much as sinus and ear infections suck (and man do they suck, I am going on day 15 of mine), I can't even imagine having to suffer through them when you are a baby and can't communicate what you need, blow your nose, and/or take Vicodin. I have high hopes the ENT can give us some answers as to how to better help him.


k-dog studios said...

he looks miserable - poor little guy. I hope the 2nd round of antibiotics does the trick - for all of your sake's

Maryellen said...

Poor Lou!! I hope he feels better very soon.