Monday, September 12, 2011

Wrap Up

My good camera was packed away, so I am just now getting a chance to take a look at the photos I took right before we left. We were able to spend a lovely evening at Grandpa Gene's house. It was probably 60 degrees in August. I miss 60 degrees. Norah loves going to Grandpa Gene's house for many reasons, but especially likes the fact that it has all kinds of pictures of her dad when he was little (and had ridiculously long hair) and she gets to run around his old room. She spent a better part of our time there running up to his room and shouting to the rest of us out the window.

She pretended to take a nap "in dad's old bed" and made me take a picture. Can you believe that's BVZ's old bed? I mean, he didn't just grow to be 6'3 after leaving home. He was that tall in high school (and close to it in middle school). He is literally twice as tall as that bed. He must have really done something to piss his parents off.

Lou (who please note was not only wearing winter pajamas, but was wrapped in a blanket) conked out in Ms. Mary's arms.

Uncles Dick and Alan made Norah's day by coming over as well.

It's been so great to have the VZ's across the bay and we miss them a ton.

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