Monday, September 12, 2011

A Few Photos

These two are so in love with each other. They have been since the day Lou was born, but it's been even better since we've been in Texas. Norah takes care of him like a mama lion. And he thinks she's the bees knees.

Lou is obviously doing great. He has adapted just fine and is stoked to have so many people around him that love him. Norah is a little hit or miss. Obviously she loves being around everyone, but she misses her friends, her school, our old house and really, our old life. She is so thrilled by who and what's around her, but has moments of true and profound sadness.

She says the sweetest, cutest things that are breaking my heart. Like the other night I told her that it was Friday and so maybe we could watch a movie. She got very quiet and very sad because she JUST KNEW that Caleb and Baby Lucas and Ruby were eating pizza and watching a movie without her. Or today when I picked her up from her first day of school and her teacher told me that she made a friend but told the little girl that while she wanted to be friends, she already had a best friend named Ruby who she loved and who loved her back. Oh, and Ruby's mom got them matching Tinkerbell kajamas and they are going to have a sleepover and go on the dragon slide when they are 4.

Anytime she is tired or upset she breaks down and sobs that she misses Ruby and isn't going to see her everyday. She will pick up my cell phone or a toy phone that belongs to one of the babies, and "talk" to people back home. She has frequent conversations with Ruby, Caleb, Caroline, Ava, Pamma, Rana (her old teacher), and Tony (the 97 year old neighbor). Of course the upside is that she is mildly obsessed with her cousins and would spend 24/7 with them if we let her. She's also pretty fond of her aunts, uncles, and Bubby. She and Bubby have this running gag where Norah plays mom and Bubby plays "the children." Norah's name for Bubby during this game is "Jewel." Who knows where she comes up with this stuff. The other day we were at Target and out of nowhere she sighed and said, "I miss Jewel."

Our friends made us an amazing book with pictures of the kids ranging from when they were brand new babies to big three-year-olds, with a sweet story about how much fun they've had together and how much they need and love each other. Norah and I read it together every night before bed. We both usually cry (just a little). I can't help it. It is that good (the last page is a picture of the moms with the line, "they are always in your heart no matter where they live" kills me every time). Geesh.

Anyway, in happier news, we live right across the cove (so like a 30 second walk) from the pool and playground. It will be awesome when it isn't 9,000 degrees here.

There's even a tire swing.

Here's a sneak peek of Norah's fabulous new room. Yes, I put that tree up (with the much appreciated help of Aunt Stephanie). What you see is only about a third of the square footage that all belongs to Norah.

All Louis does is sit up. He's a sitting maniac. It was all about peer pressure. He saw how good Reid was and he couldn't be left behind.

Norah likes to play at her cousins' house. They have cool toys. Like dominoes.

Lou is just big and gigantic and perfectly delicious.

I went to a Scentsy party at my neighbor's house. I am trying to be neighborly. It gave me a small nervous breakdown.

One of the best things is that we now get to go to all the events we have missed over the years. Like Trevor's birthday party. Where Norah got to bowl.

And get overstimulated by arcade lights.

Again with the loving.

Norah got a haircut yesterday. It looks exactly the same except for she now has cute bangs and no longer looks like a shaggy dog.

You can kind of see it here.

If I were a better mom I would have taken a picture of her before school today, given the fact that it was her first day. But like usual we were running late and then I took an unintended turn because I ended up in the wrong lane (small vent-you can be on a 4 lane road here and then with NO WARNING you will get to a light and 2 lanes will be turn only one way, another will be turn only the other way, and only 1 will go straight. Every time I need to go straight I end up in one of the turn lanes).

Anyway, I had to turn and was panicked because my GPS is worthless out here (it doesn't recognize the 8 million new roads out here) and so I said "shit!" under my breath. Of course from the back seat I hear, "shit isn't a very nice word, mom, you need to apologize." All I could think was that we were going to walk into pre-school, someone was going to ask Norah how her morning was and she was going to say something to the effect of, "it was great until my mom started saying shit." So, I didn't think about taking a picture. This was the best I got, Norah playing with the babies after school. Please note that she is wearing the same dress in almost every photo. She tries to wear that dress everyday. It's a great dress, but good grief.

That's it for now.


aileen said...

is it too early to plan a visit?

The GVZ's said...

Don't tease me like that!

JAMS' HOUSE said...

I still can't believe you are in Austin. And I feel for Norah -AM would ask about Colin everyday when we moved. She even wanted to name Ben Colin. And I'm not looking forward when we move back and she'll have to leave her friends here. But yay for awesome cousins.

Ava said...

Wait... That's really only a 1/3 of Norah's bedroom? You mean her room is bigger than our SF loft???