Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stuff (mostly about Lou)

I apologize for the lack of pictures lately. Things have been hectic. For one thing I have been working on my application to the Texas bar. It's a nightmare. They basically want to know every move I have ever made for the past 7 years. I have to get official job descriptions from former employees. And all of my tax returns. And some letter from the dean of my law school. And 18 moral character references. And a whole lot of other shit that's making my head spin and occupying way too much of my time.

Oh and then there's this. Apparently, these assholes love cedar trees and we've got several in the front yard. That doesn't explain however why I found him in my KITCHEN.

You think the big tall man who lives here would deal with it, right? Not a chance. I captured him with a vase and then suffocated him over night. It's a cruel world.

In happier news, Norah and Louis are enjoying spending their days with their cousins. Reid is really into robots. Well, Reid's parents are really into robots. It's the theme of his nursery, he has lots of robot books, some robot themed clothing... you get the picture. Norah has picked up on this and so when he's around she will put blocks and/or boxes on her feet and hands and walk around saying, 'I am a robot, I am a robot' in order to make Reid smile. It's pretty much completely awesome.

Or she will wear her fairy wings and grant them wishes. The other day I was getting frustrated with the television remote (oh how I miss DirectTV and how much I hate this cable!) because it wouldn't work and she told me that the fairies who live in the television were just taking a break from working and I should be patient because they would be back soon. Funny, because when I was about her age (I think) I remember thinking that little men lived inside of traffic lights and would change them from green to yellow to red. At the time, it's the only explanation for how the lights would change that made sense to me.

Lou and Reid play very well together. And by playing well together I mean they either sit side by side and completely ignore each other or they pull hair and attempt some eye gouging.

I think Louie has surpassed Reid in the length department (although this picture is a bit misleading since Reid is slumped down a bit). I would guess they weigh about the same.

Louie's distrust of solid food continues. I routinely experiment with him in the bumbo, Stokke, and booster chair, but none of those options seem to particularly excite him. He just isn't into purees, but he really isn't ready for non-pureed foods either (he gave me a minor coronary the other day choking on a goddamn puff). So far he is much more into non-traditional baby food-he ate a fourth of a cup of hummus the other day but won't touch a sweet potato for anything.

He's way more into what we are eating and so has tried itty bitty bits of lots of things, but I am not up for the whole Baby Led Weaning process (which basically says skip the purees and feed them what you are eating). I am too scared of choking.

Aunt Amy bought him a straw cup the other day and it's his new obsession. He's actually pretty good and getting the water out of it. Doesn't he look ginormous here?

No crawling yet, but lots of rolling and scooting, and sitting, and baby crunches. As seen here.

Part of my 'if you make me move to Texas I get new dining room furniture demand' was that I got this.

Finally a place to store all of that china and crystal we use so much....

Here's a good shot of the play area in Norah's room. Her room has a freaking play area. It's that big, people!

Lou has abandoned the exersaucer for his new true love, the jumperoo. I can't get a non blurry picture of him it is because he jumps so fast and furiously the camera can't capture it. He's that good.

In other news, it's still hot. I am going to start working one day a week which means Norah will go to a full day of school one day a week. She is so excited to take a nap at school that's all she can talk about. She hasn't taken a nap for months. BVZ is really liking his job even though he doesn't get home most nights until after bedtime. Thank goodness for Bubby and her willingness to suffer through bedtime with me. Lou is sleeping much better, thank goodness. Rather, it was Norah who ended up in our bed at 3:00 am last night, or rather, this morning. If it's not one, it's the other. It rained today. Too bad that didn't make it any less hot.

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Natalie said...

I have major furniture envy about your dining room set. I can picture many a Thanksgiving dinner around that beauty.