Monday, August 29, 2011

Where We've Been

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks for sure. Lots of packing, lots of fun adventures, a little crying (okay maybe a lot of crying), and some more packing. We tried to squeeze in as much as friend and family time as possible. There were trips to Fairyland.

Lots of visits to the library.

A ton of running around the neighborhood.

Uncle Kiki flew in to save the day and help us pack. She was a serious task master but she made great progress and helped us out so much. We were able to do a few fun things. Like take Norah and Ruby to see the Winnie the Pooh movie (okay, maybe that was fun for Norah and Ruby).

We went to the beach.

We went to the MOMA to see a special exhibit Kiki was interested in seeing (I was too). We decided to take Norah on the off chance BVZ would get something productive done while we were gone. Norah absolutely loved the museum. We left Kiki to wander at her own pace and Norah and I walked through the exhibit together. She is a big fan of Picasso's blue period and decided that lots of the ladies weren't wearing clothes because "their tushies just need a little fresh air."

About halfway through the exhibit is a door to a rooftop sitting area where we took a little break and had some juice.

After making it through the Stein exhibit we went to the top floor which is always my favorite. It's the most abstract of what the museum has to offer...lots of found art, multi-media exhibits, etc. (not my favorite because that's the kind of art I like best-it's not-but always really, really enjoyable). Shockingly, Norah was immediately drawn to the televisions.

And a giant insect sculpture.

Norah had her last day of school.

And as many play dates as we could squeeze in.

Norah and Ruby had a slumber party. They got (courtesy of Ruby's mom) matching Tinkerbell pajamas. Norah was thrilled when she saw them and Ruby kept screaming, "you LOVE Tinkerbell! It's because Tinkerbell is your favorite!"

Caleb and Lucas were cool to eat pizza, watch a movie, and have a group bath, but they drew the line at having a sleep over with the girls. I asked Caleb many times if he wanted to stay, but each time I got an emphatic "no." I put the futon mattress on Norah's floor and told the girls they could sleep together or apart. They chose together. We read lots of books, they got lots of hugs and kisses, and then they were left to their own devices.

More books ensued, as did several rousing games of hide and seek, as did multiple trips to the potty and to say goodnight to myself and BVZ. I thought they might crash on the mattress.

But they didn't. I thought maybe they would sleep in the bed together, but there was too much fairy playing going on.

Finally at about 10:30, Ruby realized that she was going to have to actually sleep at our house because she asked very tearfully to go home. As I got ready to drive her home, Norah became very upset and cried, "but you can't leave! We have SPECIAL BREAKFAST in the morning." Finally they both agreed that they would try to have a sleep over again when they are four (which coincidentally is also when they get to go on the dragon slide at Fairyland....)

They were no worse for the wear and practiced having a sleep over again a couple of days later at a "kajama movie party."

We had to dismantle the kids' rooms which broke my heart. So much time, effort, and money went into those rooms and I am not ashamed to say that I cried like a little kid when the tree in Norah's room came down. She insisted upon helping take it down. I am not sure why she's naked.

We went up to the city a few times to see friends.

And steadily the mountain of boxes grew.

(We got to spend some time with Grandpa Gene and Mary, but those pictures are on my real camera, which happens to still be on a moving van right now).

Without all of our crap, the rooms looked downright spacious.

Norah made one last trip to the wishing well in our neighbor's front yard.

And said good-bye to her friend Tony.

The movers arrived Tuesday at 10:00 am and didn't leave until after 6:00. We learned that buying the movers lunch and giving them your entire leftover stash of beer to take home generates a lot of good will.

It was a huge truck.

The house felt very empty and it made me very, very sad. As much as I bitched about the size, the mortgage, the lack of bathroom space, etc., it was our home and I loved it.

We spent that night in a hotel.

Had a hectic morning including a doctor's appointment for Lou. Then we managed to get 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 suitcases, 2 car seats, 2 carry ons and 1 cat to the airport after dropping off the Prius to be shipped. It went much smoother than anticipated.

At least the kids were being positive...

We had an awesome welcome at the airport and all was well until we realized that someone had taken one of our car seats and left theirs (to their credit, the bags looked exactly the same). Thankfully, there was a phone number on the tag and although it took about 45 minutes of hanging out at the airport (at 10:00 pm), we were able to make the switch.

Since arriving it has been all about hanging out and staying cool. Oh, and buying a fridge, washer and dryer, dining room table, kitchen table, couch, dressers and maybe a nightstand or two. The credit card is smoking. Actually, it got a hold put on it by the credit card company-flagged as potential fraud. Apparently, changing your address and phone numbers online, moving 3,000 miles, and buying thousands of dollars worth of big ticket items is a red flag. Who knew?

Otherwise, we've been trying to get in as much hanging out time as possible.
And we are slowly getting the house in shape (our stuff isn't here for several more days). Here's the front.

It's even nicer than we were expecting-the pictures definitely did not do it justice. It's HUGE and very nice and very comfortable. I am anxious to make it our own.

The auntie and cousin fairies paid a little visit and did some decorating.

They also left a certain someone a "comfy Rapunzel doll," which she has not let out of her sight. We are about a 45 second walk to the community play structure and pool. Thank goodness because it would be too hot to walk any further. (Really, 105 degrees at 8:00 pm is just mean and wrong and bad).

Lou has adjusted just fine.

It's been a little tougher on Norah. She misses her friends and her house and her school. She sleeps with a picture of Ruby and whenever she gets sad she wails, "I miss Ruby! I don't get to see her every day!" She told me that although she's sad she doesn't get to see her friends every day when she is with her cousins she doesn't feel so sad. Thankfully, they are the most awesome cousins anyone could ever ask for and last weekend they took her to her first major splash pad. It was really impressive.

It's hot, but there are snow cones.

Bubby has been a great hostess and even lets us run the a/c pretty much 24/7. Even so it's much more comfortable to hang out like this.

We are definitely still adjusting to the idea that we live here now. The heat is pretty unbearable and I have no nice things to say about it. The family has been amazing and I have nothing but nice things to say about them. This bodes well for us. Hopefully it eventually cools down but family is forever.


Tucker said...

It will cool down, I promise!!

Maryellen said...

Great post J!!

Natalie said...

Loved reading all of this. The glimpse of your house looks awesome. I am looking forward to seeing finished pictures.

Kelly Marie said...

I obviously do not peek in on your blog regularly enough. i didn't know you were moving! Good luck with everything!

Isabelle Baeck said...

I still can't get my head around the fact that you're gone. We got the news while on a layover in Heathrow having bfast w/ MM, KK & Chiara... it was instant happiness but I still can't believe you are gone!
I know that things will mellow out, and yes, the temp will go down (please send some our way!!!).
Hugs to you all and best wishes on your new adventure!
xoxo isa et june