Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Following Her Lead

Upon the advice of some smart friends, I plan to make Norah a photo book of people and places that will always remind her of her home in California. This past week I have been conscious to have my phone handy and take pictures of her in her natural habitat doing her every day things.

I always (well, except for the days I am running crazy late) walk with Lou in the stroller to pick her up from school and on the way home she always wants to walk through the nursery (plants) that's along the way. Unfortunately the entrance we walk by has a flight of stairs and the ramp is completely on the other side. On Monday, however, BVZ walked with us and so while he went ahead with Lou, Norah and I took our time to walk down and smell the roses.

Yes, she's wearing her Christmas dress in August. It's only 70 degrees here and she picks out her own clothes these days.

Check out what's growing in our front yard. Not going to find that in Texas. Well, maybe there will be some flowers. Brown ones. Shriveled up from the fact that IT WAS 108 GODDAMN DEGREES TODAY.

I have a feeling central air conditioning is going to become my new best friend.

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Natalie said...

If the Lifetime Movie Network can have Christmas in July I see no reason why Norah can't have a Christmas dress in July. I really like the idea of it actually.