Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smart Cookie

Norah is a really, really smart kid. I feel like I can say this without fear of retribution because I try to be honest with her struggles (like how she kind of sucks at basic life functions, such as eating and sleeping). I am constantly taken aback by the things she says and thinks about. For instance, on Sunday she and I were running errands and chatting about something silly (probably having to do with The Little Mermaid...she likes to announce to anyone interested that a mermaid is a girl who has a girl for the top and a fish for the butt), and out of nowhere she said, "People are alive because they move and breathe. But cars are not alive because they just move, and they don't breathe."

She has also been asking a lot of questions about how babies get born. She isn't satisfied with "mom and dad went to the hospital and that's where we got Louis." She knew he was in my body at some point and she wanted to know how he got OUT. Continuing in my quest for honesty with her I told her that babies are born one of two ways, either 1) they come out the mom's body through her vagina, or 2) the doctor makes a cut in the mom's belly and the baby is pulled out that way. She asked how she was born and I told her it was the second way. She asked how Louis was born and I told her he was born the same way. She was pleased with my answer and told me, "Louie didn't get scared because I showed him the way out."

In unrelated news, she now has a princess nightgown. Which I bought her. Of my own free will.

Pigs have now flown.


Natalie said...

"Louie didn't get scared because I showed him the way out."

That is the most unintentionally touching answer she could have ever come up with. Or maybe she intended it to be touching. You let Norah know she made me a little weepy at 12:11 am.

Nita_Gilger said...

I love you Janet!!! Your child IS your own child. And she is VERY smart. That level of reasoning is so advanced for her age. And I will tell you...it was true of you at her age as well. I have always found it fascinating to visit your brain. Way cool. And it is wonderful to see love and kindness being formed right before your very eyes.

Maryellen said...

I impressed you can use the "v" word with Norah. I have trouble even writing it.