Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Chapter

Tomorrow is Norah's last day with Pam and Ruby. On Monday she starts preschool. She is thrilled and excited (and in her words, "just a little tiny bit nervous.") I am the one who is all worked up about it and not sleeping at night. (I mean, what if none of the kids talk to her, what if she gets shy and won't tell the teacher she has to potty, what if someone is mean to her, what if she realizes neither Pam or Ruby are there and gets really, really sad??)

We are so fortunate to have had our child care situation these past 2 years. It was tough for me to leave Norah when I went back to work (even though I was SO ready to go back and never regretted it for a single second). It was the best of both worlds. She got a caregiver who could focus almost exclusively on her needs, while getting the benefit of having another kid to play and interact with. A kid, who in Norah's words, "is my very, very best friend."

Pam was an ideal caregiver. We couldn't have dreamed up someone better to take care of our girl. I have been weepy about it for days, but I know that we will still see Ruby at least once a week at our standing play date and we will see Pam often as well. She and Norah have a very special bond and I know she will be someone tremendously important to Norah for years to come. We were eating breakfast a few weeks ago and Norah was talking about all the people in her family (she likes to put relationships together, ie, identify "Aunt Amy is married to Uncle Mark" or "Aunt Vanessa is Daddy's sister"). At one point she asked, "are Pamma and Ruby my family too?" I started to tell her that no, they are very, very good friends, but then I thought better of it and told her yes. That you don't have to be related to someone for them to be family and Pamma and Ruby are most definitely her family.

Here they are shortly before Pam started taking care of them both:

and here they are just a few weeks ago:

Little babies became great, big, awesome kids. We couldn't have asked for anything more.


Natalie said...

That is one hell of a comparison picture. I love it.

I'm very excited to hear Norah going to school stories. I had all those same fears when Spencer started. He didn't really "participate" with the kids for a good 6 months but he has loved every second of school. Now I'm freaking out about how to tell him he's changing schools for next year.

JAMS' HOUSE said...

Norah is going to rock preschool.

Annmarie had an adjustment period and had her rough days, but now she loves it and wants to go more.

Cam said...

I know how you feel. Emma started pre-school two weeks ago. She LOVES it but wants me to stay the whole time. :(

When Emma walked in her first day, all the little girls immediately wanted to play with her. It's been like that every day. The little girls are so sweet and want to hold her hand every moment they get. The kids are awesome. Don't worry about Nora, she'll be great.

Just bring tissue. It was really touching to watch her interact with the other kids. My heart just swelled with pride.

Now she just needs to pull it together and let me leave!! ;)

aileen said...

The comparison picture is AWESOME and CRAZY!

Norah will do FABULOUS at preschool. You on the other hand.... ;)