Sunday, March 14, 2010

After Dinner Walks

As soon as I get home Monday through Thursday it is a Mom and Norah love-fest. I have to pack in a full day into two and a half short hours and we take advantage of every second. Since spring seems to officially have sprung, we've been taking walks around the block after dinner every night. Walking around the block with Norah takes about a half hour because we stop to smell every flower, touch every tree, say hello to every rock. We see the same people out every evening (the bike rider, our neighbor Ronnie walking her little dog, and the man who lives up the street who has three gigantic Siberian Huskies). They are all thrilled to see her and she's pretty stoked to see them (okay, really, the only thing she cares about is those Siberian Huskies). She loves exploring the neighborhood and I can't get enough of her. It's win-win.

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