Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Louis at 21 Months

Lou has been a tough kid to live with for the past couple of months.  For whatever reason, growing pains I suppose, he went through a period of not sleeping well (ie, waking up multiple times a night) and I am convinced it effected every other part of his life.  His sleep was crap, so his eating was crap, and his mood a lot of the time was shockingly--crap.

I am happy to report (knock on wood) that I think he's finally moved past whatever was bugging him. We've seen quite the transformation in the past several weeks and not only is he logging a solid 12+ hours every night, but he's an all around happier kid.  We haven't done anything differently, whatever he did he did on his own.  Some wayward teeth finally made their way into his mouth, so maybe that's it.  He's also had quite a language explosion as of late, so I imagine the increased ability to communicate has contributed to his mellowing out a bit.  Tantrums are few and far between (again, knock on wood) and the kisses are plentiful.  

Lou has never shown a strong preference for me.  (Norah, on the other hand, would climb back in my uterus most days if given the option).  I mean, he's likes me just fine but other people were just as successful at soothing Lou when he was a baby as me--he has always responded really well to BVZ and Bubby (especially Bubby)--and that hasn't really changed as he's gotten older.  But along with this improved disposition has come a newly discovered fondness for me.  He's all over me.  ALL OVER ME.  And I love it.  

A few things about Lou right now that I want to remember:

He is very, very particular about food and how it is served.  He has a limited palate and will pretty much only eat chicken, noodles, avocado, cheese, and beans.  Oh, and hot dogs.  He will, however, eat any kind of bread/carb product ever made.  Strangely enough, he will eat broccoli by the handful and loves it either cooked or frozen solid.  He also really enjoys whipped cream sprayed directly into his mouth.  We figured out that he takes a really long time to eat and sometimes likes to take a break before he's actually done with a meal.  This is pretty much exactly what BVZ does.  (It takes me 4.5 seconds to eat dinner.  BVZ will often take over an hour).  Lou's ability to tell me when he's actually "all done" has changed everything.  

He is still a string bean.  He is barely cracking 23 lbs, which is at like the 5th percentile for weight.  He is still well above average for height.  Clothes that fit are hard to find, and he usually ends up in 12 month pants that look like high waters.  

He knows the color green and likes to point it out frequently.  Everything else he thinks is purple.  He can identify most animals (and their sounds) by name, including the zebra and flamingo on the wall of his classroom at school.  Speaking of school, he totally digs it.  The teachers love him and think he's a flirt.  He hasn't bitten anyone.  We've gotten glowing reports with only two exceptions--one afternoon he took a header into a train table and another day he refused to give up the rock he was carrying around. In his mouth.  He's very, very mischievous and will do naughty things only when he knows I am looking.  Like carry rocks around in his mouth.  Or drink a bucketful of soapy bathwater.

He can identify all of his body parts and likes to point them out.  His butt is his favorite.  We are making absolutely no headway on the potty training front--he refuses to even look at the little potty.  He  will tell me when he's pooped, but only if I ask.  He still thinks cutting the cheese is hilarious.  He eats broccoli every day.  He cuts a lot of cheese.  

He still loves all things train, car, truck, and construction.  School buses and garbage trucks are by far his favorite.  He's incredibly agile and physical.  I think he'd probably be a really good gymnast.  There is a lot of running and a lot of jumping.  He isn't the climber that I feared he would be, but there's still time.  He loves music and dances a lot.  He is starting to be interested in puzzles and games.  He is mostly interested in destroying puzzles and games that Norah is working on.  The holiday lights currently up around the neighborhood are rocking his world. 

He still gets sick a lot.  He is currently finishing up another round of antibiotics for another sinus and ear infection.  I don't think we are going to do tubes anytime soon, unless it gets a lot worse.  His hearing hasn't been affected and the ear infections aren't delaying his language at all--two things which are major considerations.  When he turns two we are going to experiment with having him go dairy free to see if that helps.  I am not willing to give up the major source of fat in his diet right now, but in a few months I am hoping that will be a realistic option.

He has always liked books but would never sit through story after story like Norah would.  Lately though he will demand book after book after book, especially at bedtime.  10 Little Ladybugs is his favorite, as is anything with a truck on the cover.  He still really likes Norah.  He is very physical with her and pushes her around a lot.  She's finally started to push back a bit.  She is so bossy with him and he's finally started to push a bit back on her.  The other day she was making him mad and he finally just yelled, "Nany, SIT DOWN."  She was so surprised she actually sat down.  

He's really fun right now.  I hope it lasts. 

(This is his school picture.  The cuteness kills me.)

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Absolutely love the picture of Lou! Great update - such an awesome little guy.