Sunday, December 30, 2012

Everything's Bigger in Texas

We live in a great neighborhood and people go all out with holiday decorations.  Our neighborhood has saved my ass many nights this past month when the kids were melting down post-dinner but it was not quite bedtime.  Because it was still 70+ degrees, I would take them on a long walk to look at all the lights, and then wham.  It would be bath and bedtime and my sanity would remain somewhat intact.

People don't mess around here and we have seen some of the most elaborately lit houses in town.  There are a few places that set their light show to music and this one in particular became a huge hit.  I think we visited this house about 15 times over the month of December.  I am surprised we didn't get asked to contribute to the electricity bill.

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aileen said...

That is beyond insane and awesome!