Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's no secret that Ruby is one of our very favorite kids.  Her parents are also some of our very favorite grown-ups.  Ruby's dad turned 40 this week and celebrated by renting one of the most awesome houses I have ever seen in Santa Barbara.  We were lucky ducks and got invited to join them.  

BVZ could not go because of work commitments, so I got to make the trip by myself.  As in three glorious days without work, or kids, or a house, or a snoring husband.  As in two plane flights by myself where I got to pee alone, eat alone, and read alone.  I read more in three days than I have in three years.  

Ruby's parents have a group of friends that have been tight for 15+  years and vacationing together forever.  They are all awesome.  It was an awful lot of fun.  A's husband also could not make the trip, so she was my date.  She was a fabulous date.  

With the exception of one grocery store run, I did not leave the property the entire time.  There was no reason to.  This was the view from the back porch of the house.  50 feet from that umbrella was the beach.  Which was connected to the ocean.

This was the house.  I think it was seven bedrooms, probably more bathrooms, giant kitchen and multiple living rooms.  It was gorgeous.

On Saturday night a private chef came in to prepare a four-course birthday dinner.  I am still dreaming about that goat cheese.

Thanks S's for a great weekend.  I would go anywhere to hang out with you guys.  Even if I had to bring the rest of my family.  


Tucker said...

So awesome! So jealous!

Natalie said...

I am green with envy. I went to Tucson once without Michael and Spencer. For 1 night. I slept in my brother's old room. That's the extent of my alone travel since having kids.

The entire weekend looks glorious.