Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dancing Girl

Norah loves ballet.  LOVES ballet.  We took a break over the summer to move and then the new house was too far away from the parks and rec center she was at before.  Luckily a brand new dance studio was scheduled to open August 1 not far from the new neighborhood.  Not so luckily, construction was delayed and the studio didn't actually open August 1.  It's still not open.  They  have no idea when it will open.  In the meantime, they have a makeshift studio in a double-wide trailer out in the middle of nowhere.

Norah could not care less, of course.  All she knows is that she can finally do a pirouette and got a new ballet dress. 

Some of the other parents requested that the studio provide a margarita machine while we wait in the hot sun on an uncovered porch while the kids are in class.  I can get behind that.

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