Wednesday, June 06, 2012


We would do anything in the entire world for Megan.  I now know this includes attending a 3.5 hour dance recital.  Megan has been taking dance for a long time and belongs to a legit dance studio (as opposed to Norah's parks and rec department).  The recital was pretty hard core and the production value was very high.  It was impressive. 3.5 hours.  But, impressive.  Norah would pretty much watch paint dry if it involved Megan and so she was more than thrilled to eat jelly bellies and watch the performances.  We did have to take a break at one point she she could run around the lobby and release some energy.  They piped the music into the lobby and you could see the dancers on a screen.  (Megan was in three dances.  We also watched 4,562 dances she was not in.)  Norah refused to stay in the lobby for very long for fear of missing Megan dance-even though I had a program and could tell her when she was coming on, I apparently was not to be trusted.  Norah doesn't mess around when it comes to Megan.

Anyway, she couldn't help but dance.  I think she was inspired.

(And yes, Megan was awesome).


Stephanie said...

It wasn't that bad and Megan's mom did treat you to a glass of wine afterwards :)

Maryellen said...

3.5 hours? That's longer than going to watch Wicked! I think Norah's love and admiration for Megan is so sweet! Her dance moves are also pretty awesome!!