Saturday, April 14, 2012

And....We Bought a House

So, I guess this means we're staying.

After some tense negotiations we are in escrow. On this bad boy:

For an interesting bit of perspective:

California house: 1,100 square feet
Texas house: 4,044 square feet

California house: 3 bedrooms
Texas house: 5 bedrooms

California house: 1 bathroom, 1 poop closet (ie, the smallest half bathroom known to man)
Texas house: 4 full bathrooms (2 with tub/showers, 1 with a stand alone shower only, and the master with a stand alone shower and separate giant tub)

California house: one car garage
Texas house: three car garage

California house: galley kitchen with no room for a table
Texas house: gourmet kitchen with walk in pantry, eat-in dining area, and center island

California house: home office consisting of my lap top in my lap on the couch
Texas house: separate office space for both BVZ and myself

California house: no play room
Texas house: giant play room

California house: one room that was the family room, television room, and dining room
Texas house: formal dining room, two living rooms, separate and self-contained media room

California house: a brick patio
Texas house: upstairs balcony, downstairs covered patio

California: awesome backyard with flowers and fruit trees
Texas: awesome backyard with grass, a playscape, and wait for it.....

wait for it....

A pool. With a waterfall. And a slide.

California house: a price tag awfully close to seven numbers
Texas house: a price tag no where near seven numbers

All of a sudden Texas doesn't look half bad.

Now, who is coming to visit first?


Tucker said...


Natalie said...

Congratulations! The outside is beautiful and the stats are just awesome. I cannot wait to see pictures of the inside. I love the window on the right. I know those types of rooms/windows probably have a proper name, but I'm not a big architecture person so I don't know what it is. I want to vow right now that someday I will come visit. In the summer. So I can live in that pool!

aileen said...

I am looking at plane ticket prices now :)

On another note... I guess it really does mean you're staying. :(

meganastone said...

Time to plan our second trip =)

Adam Stone said...

Daaamnnn Anglo-Saxon-er, sweet crib!

JAMS' HOUSE said...

Holy Shit! We will make it there someday. Annmarie would go bananas over that pool!

Now..please tell me you are holding out on the SUV, because that may just be too Texas for me...I'm kidding, but kinda not. No, but really, if you got one I would still be your friend.

Awesome house. I'll take one.

Nayoung said...

CONGRATS!! The house looks AMAZING!! So when can we visit?

k-dog studios said...

And...don't kid yourself, you bought a freakin' mansion!!! At least that's what it appears to those living in CA or London :]

Congratulations - it looks lovely and I hope it brings you as many happy memories as your belmont house did. I showed your post and pictures to Josh and not surprisingly, Austin has now jumped into his number one spot for where to live when we come back to the states. Well done.

Cam said...

Wow! Congratulations. You guys deserve it!

Kristy said...

Whoo Hoo! What a gorgeous home! So excited for you all

Ava said...

California house: no need for air conditioning
Texas house: getting close to seven figures in cooling yourselves down... in November ;p

Ok -- green with envy, but then I remind myself that you're talking about Texas. We'll still like to visit ya' though.

Maryellen said...

Dude!! Your house is AMAZING!!!! I think we should do a house swap. Our rental property is quite lovely. You would even get to hang with Kita and use our automatic salt and pepper shakers.

Jennifer said...

Holy Vanderzanden! Congratulations!

Carmen Monrovia said...

WOW! That looks like a mansion! I think you got a pretty good deal with this house. It’s big enough for a growing family. I’m sure the kids loved it. Congratulations!