Thursday, March 29, 2012


Lou is legitimately a walker. He very rarely crawls and instead walks in all directions, can turn on a dime, and is starting to run. He still looks like Frankenstein the majority of the time, but we are officially classifying him as an upright person. I took this video about four days ago and he's already much better. I need to get him some shoes. The kid has the longest, narrowest feet. He got several pairs of Caleb/Lucas hand-me-downs that he wore two or three times before outgrowing them (they got passed down to Reid-score for him!), and the few pairs I have bought are too wide and he can't keep them on his feet. First world problems, I know.


k-dog studios said...

and just like no more. :[ I can't believe how confidently he walks already.

Keeks said...