Saturday, March 17, 2012


There is a blogger iphone app which is awesome because I can directly upload pictures from my phone. But, the sizing is kind of wonky and I think the resolution isn't as good. I suppose that's what you call a First World Problem.

Lou is completely done with bottles and formula and a full-time real food eater. He pretty much hates all fruits and vegetable. I spend a lot of my day figuring out a way to sneak these things into him, despite his protests. He was flinging something or other on the floor the other day and I told him that he had a tough life with a mom who just wanted to make sure he doesn't get scurvy. I of course then had to explain what scurvy was to Norah and made the mistake of using pirates as an example of people who might be susceptible to it. She is now very concerned about Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Most days Lou cannot wait for me to get the food on his plate so he hangs out next to me in the kitchen and has a little appetizer.

Look closely to see who spends a significant amount of his day trying to climb into the fireplace.

Lou got a ton of awesome birthday presents. Caleb and Lucas and Ruby and Ella sent him a personalized chair, since he has always been mildly obsessed with Norah's. He LOVES it. He sits on it, has his bear sit on it, climbs up it, and flips himself off the side. Norah makes quite an elaborate fort with both of the chairs and tells me that as soon as Lou is allowed to watch tv, she wants a special room with just "the kid" tv and both of their chairs. Clearly someone is getting acclimated to Texas living.

Best part of having older cousins is all the hand me down toys. Megan gave Norah about 300,000 barbies that are in a regular play rotation around here. Lou likes to be the red head.

You would think there is nothing more annoying that having to mop the floor three times a day. Add in a 3.5 year old who insists on helping mop the floor three times a day, and BAM. More annoying.

Norah takes all the couch cushions down on a daily basis and makes a troll bridge. I usually have to be the troll. Which involves making up riddles for her to solve. That's harder than it seems.

Both kids love hanging out in the master bathroom. I do too. We are used to a bathroom that's single occupancy only. This bathroom is big enough for a cocktail party. The tub is really deep and so Lou is not allowed in it. We spend many a morning with Norah taking a tub and Lou being pissed on the sidelines.

Norah and I had a special date to see The Lorax last weekend. We loved it. It's entertaining enough for older kids, but even a three-year-old got the message about how important it is to take care of the Earth and plant trees. I am totally the mom that smuggles in snacks in my purse, but I made a big production of making sure Norah collected all our our garbage and threw it away as we left the theater. There was so much trash strewn about, which is obnoxious anyway but especially obnoxious at this particular movie, and Norah asked me why other people didn't throw their trash away. All I could do was tell her the truth. Some people are just assholes.

Norah loves to pretend she is the mom. I asked her the other day what she wanted to do as the mom. She said, "drink coffee in the big bathroom and tell dad, 'hey, dad, you're stinking up the joint'." Done and done (that's milk in her coffee mug).

Someone thinks the distribution of pictures "on the computer" favors Lou and wants more with her face.

We went to a super fun birthday party for Wyatt last weekend and got to see the completed house renovation. Included in that is this play loft accessible only by ladder. I thought there was absolutely no way Norah would go up there. I am so excited and impressed at her recent explosion of risk taking and bravery.

The other day Norah, Lou and I were playing "Cinderella, Anastasia, and Druzilla" and Lou was Anastasia. Norah and I decided he needed to look the part so we put him in one of her old dress-up dresses. He discovered warp speed crawling is a bit difficult in a dress and threw a fit until we took it off of him.

On the contrary, this one can't get enough of dresses. Here she is modeling her Easter dress from Bubby. Every day she asks me for "high heels I can wear outside." That makes me scream a little bit on the inside.

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Jennifer said...

Ava has the same Easter dress (thank you, Costco) and is insisting o wearing it to picture day tomorrow. Also, I often have to be the grumpy old troll too.