Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Palooza

I finally downloaded all the pictures off my phone for the first time since before Christmas. In no particular order, these are the ones I thought were worth mentioning.

We gave Reid a toddler slide for his birthday but it arrived damaged and had to be sent back. When I went to an actual store to get him a new one (oh the horror of non-online shopping), I made an executive decision and got this inflatable race car/ball bit instead. The babies basically want to live full time in it.

There are a lot of great parks around here. This one has a duck pond.

Everything in this town is kid-centric. Especially the local mall where you will find a full-size carousel, train, and play area. I call this picture, "building their immune systems."

In the blink of an eye the baby became a kid. He crawls, cruises, talks, waves, points, and walks (with a lot of assistance).

She looks more and more like me every day, pointy chin and all.

We got a membership to the children's museum downtown. They have this great room where you can build a wheel and race it down a ramp.

Being Belle.

Lou's eating has improved tremendously. Unfortunately, Norah brought home a new crop of pre-school cooties last week, they both had a terrible cold, and Lou ended up with his THIRD double ear infection. The snot, combined with his inability to breathe, combined with the upset stomach he gets from the antibiotic, means he's back to eating like a bird.

Good thing he's a cute bird.

The kids received this wagon as a Christmas present from GG. It gets used daily.

The train table is still the biggest hit around here. It gets played with for hours and hours every day. It has replaced the coffee table in the living room. I should have know actual grown up furniture was too good to be true.

Norah likes to get in the crib with Lou after his naps. See the video monitor on the edge? Because it's a strangulation hazard we had the cord taped to the wall. Hulk Lou ripped it down during his nap one afternoon. So, I tripled taped it. He ripped that down. Needless to say monitor is now on the ground.

Garbage day never fails to impress these two.

Norah's new favorite thing is "floating" in the bathtub. I love it because it detangles her hair better than anything else I have tried.

Both kids are bath obsessed. Norah will often ask to "take a tub" in my bathroom while I get ready in the morning.

Look closely at the car and you will see Lou about to do a face plant in the ball pit.

Norah loves weddings. She likes to hear the story about when BVZ and I got married and she loves to look at the jewelry I wore and pet my dress (it's in the closest, still hasn't been cleaned and put away....) Last night she asked if she could try it on. For sure.

Whenever Norah is really missing Ruby she will wear her Tinkerbell pajamas. And then she will tell me, "send a message to Ruby's mom that Ruby should wear her Tink kajamas too so we won't be missing each other so much." Done and done.


k-dog studios said...

Bubble Norah picture is just dreamy

Natalie said...

Our train table is the best investment of all time.