Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Months Old!!

I cannot believe our Norah is already two months old. On one hand it seems like she just got here, but on the other I can't remember what it was like without her. She continues to be our chunky monkey, coming in at 12 lbs, 8 ozs and 22.5 inches at her doctor's appointment yesterday. She has always had a strong personality, but we are getting to enjoy it more than ever. She is a mellow and easy going baby, just like her dad, but she is very particular about some things, just like her mom. She can't stand temperature extremes--hates to either be cold or hot. She loves taking a bath and has started to grab and hold on to things (especially her cow Pancho). She laughs all the time, and when she cries, it sounds like a police siren. She loves to be read to and LOVES it when mom sings to her (and doesn't even mind when the songs are totally off-key). So far her favorites are Indigo Girls songs from the mid-90's and 'Leavin' on a Jet Plane.' Her favorite way to be held is over the left shoulder where she can fling out her right arm. She likes taking walks around the neighborhood, but only if she isn't strapped in and can throw a leg out of the stroller. She loves to snuggle and has been watching 'Generation Kill' and reruns of the Sopranos with dad. She has no interest in Loretta whatsoever (and vice versa). She still poops in threes and we have learned not to even think about changing her until we hear all three blasts. She toots when she sneezes. The sound of the shower calms her down and she hates hearing barking dogs.
We think she's the cutest baby in the entire world.


Vanessa said...

I think the these bottom two photos are some of her best -- and she can really wear orange. Go diva!

Sarita said...

She's actually starting to bring a little Janet into her looks... she's not only BVZ's kid after all!