Friday, April 04, 2008

Making Room for Baby (and Loretta)

We love our house, but it is tiny. Our objective in the next 3 months (yikes!) is to organize and maximize our space as much as possible. The spare bedroom has now become the nursery, the office has now become the spare bedroom, and the sun room has now become the pseudo office.... You get the picture. It has been a ton of work, luckily my role has been pretty much limited to supervising while BVZ does all the heavy lifting. Baby's furniture arrived a week or so ago and even though we didn't have to put the dresser together (thank god), it did require BVZ to screw in the wooden feet on the bottom. We discovered this, of course, after it was upright and ready to go. Here you can see BVZ and his helper trying to make it right.

Speaking of his helper, I am beginning to think we are going to need the services of a pet psychiatrist (or at least the kitty whisperer), once Loretta figures out just exactly what is happening to her world very soon. She is so not going to be happy about it. Here's a recent picture of her for those who haven't seen her since she was a baby. She is scowling because I roused her from her nap to take the picture, but you can clearly see what a fatty she has become.

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