Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Down in the West Texas Town of El Paso.....

This past weekend we headed down to El Paso for the 60th wedding anniversary of my grandparents, Jim and Mary G. Their 4 kids threw them a fun party at the Vista Hills Country Club where we caught up with family members and drank Miller Lite. Here are the guests of honor cutting their cake:

The happy couple:

The gift we presented: a bowl with 60 rocks, each one with either the name of a family member or a word that represents marriage

Cousin Jennifer giving her toast:

Dinner was served and the party began. Here are some of the highlights.

The very soon-to-be Tuckers:

Andy and Trevor:

Cousins Mandee and Courtney:

All the sisters:

BVZ and Megan:

Kristin and Grandma Mary:

Amo and Kristin:

The Sheehys:

Me, Amo and Kristin:

The GVZ's:

Me, BVZ and Megan:

Steph and Megan:

Aunt Marla, Kristin and Steph:

After the party we went over to Big Jim and Mary's house where we drank more beer and watched Megan and Trevor play with rocks.

No visit to El Paso would be complete without a stop at the infamous Chico's Tacos. There were about 6 people in the place, but at least 3 security guards.

You get 3 tacos, cheese and 'special sauce' for $1.68:

We crashed the over-40's single scene at the popular Carlos & Mickey's, had some margaritas, and let BVZ dance to some serious ranchero music.

The view from our hotel was of the lovely and fragrant ASARCO plant, which pretties up the ELP skyline. BVZ is convinced that the ASARCO by-product is actually Chico's Tacos special sauce:

The next morning we had a quick visit with Grandma Flossie who got to meet Trevor for the first time:

BVZ and Trevor outside Flossie's house:

After that it was off to check out Suez street. My childhood home seems much smaller, is definitely much pinker, and a whole lot more rundown than the last time I saw it:

The strange palm tree hybrid growing in the front yard:

Our initials we wrote into wet cement back in 1981:

View of Album Park:

We drove past my high school and other monumental landmarks (like the posh 'west side') and let BVZ do a little souvenier shopping (you have never seen anyone so into getting a UTEP Miners shirt...) Before heading to the airport, we got a quick Mexican fix at Avila's.

Ah, El Paso....

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